Blackdown v Spears 16/04/2016

With Spears still chasing the slim hopes of promotion the travelled to Taunton determined to gain the win.


The game started well, in the Saturday sunshine, with Spears solid defensive players of Kim, Amy and Kelly turning over multiple passes Blackdown faltered and failed to gain any momentum. Spears closed the quarter with the lead 4 – 7.


The second quarter saw Shelley, back from illness, on at WA making an immediate impact with added pace and linking well with Ruby at C. Blackdown struggled to contain the momentum that Spears were building. Spears remained in the lead 10 – 15.


Utilising their rotational capabilities Spears brought Liz back on at WA with Shelley moving to C for the third quarter.  Once again Blackdown struggled to deal with the swift movement and accurate passing of the whole of the Spears squad. The ball was repeatedly turned over and sent to the awaiting Spears shooters. The close of the quarter saw Spears push further into the lead 15 – 25.


The final quarter brought Ruby back on at C with fresh pace and enthusiasm.  Working well as a unit the Spears attack continued to build on the winning score line with Helen and Milly sinking repeated goals. Spears romped home victorious 23-35.


Player of the match Helen, Players Player Amy and Kelly

Vivary v Tomahawks 16/04/2016

Tomhawks faced Vivary from Taunton on Saturday in a battle for 5th and 6th place in the league. With Cheryl running the Brighton Marathon for TIP, Darby stepped up to play GA with super subs Kim, Helen, Amy and Liz on standby.

The match started intensively with Vivary attacking hard in centre court to pull ahead 8-4 in the first quarter. The 2nd quarter saw Tomahawks go out strong, focusing on accurate passing and securing turnovers, however Vivary made less mistakes punishing the squad to lead 24-16 at half time.

However with a strong team talk and a tactical change swapping Jade WA and Caron C saw the team come out fighting. Kristie and Kristy in defence started tipping balls for Victoria and Caron to pick up as Vivary found it harder to feed their shooters. As Tomahawks’ confidence grew so did their match flare with Davina and Darby linking up well to score some fantastic goals to win the quarter 32-26.

With the pressure now on Vivary Tomahawks were able to apply more pressure, turning over balls mid court, securing rebounds both ends of the court and limiting Vivary’s attacking options. An amazing display of teamwork, confidence and experience ensured  that Tomahawks continued to close the gap, with minutes to go Tomahawks scored continuously to trail by 1 goal. As the whistle went the girls were left disappointed to have lost 35-34 but walked away on a high after winning the 2nd half of the game finishing the stronger side.

The team would like to thank Jane for umpiring this season and their supporters for cheering them on.  Player of match Victoria, players player Jade.

Kites v Arrows 16/04/2016

Arrows travelled to Keinton Mandeville for their final game of the season against Kites. The first quarter was a fantastic start for the team with Rebecca, Ellie and Shannon making some accurate passes to feed the ball to Pip and Rebecca keeping it goal to goal. Kites however, quickly made some turnovers leaving the score to be 6 – 4 to them.

The second quarter saw no team changes Harriet, Bethany and Ella worked well as a trio in defence making sure they got any possible rebounds to turn the play and lead the ball back up to the attacking end. It stayed a tight quarter for the girls, they came off the second quarter 11 – 10 to Kites.

After half time Arrows took to the court determined to take the lead. Shannon and Ellie worked well together quickly moving the ball up the court and feeding into the end third. Arrows fought hard communicating well leaving the third quarter with a draw 18 -18.

In the final quarter Arrows came out strong with determination to win. Harriet, Bethany and Ella getting some excellent interceptions and Ellie, Shannon and Rebecca moving the ball down court well into Pip and Rebecca. Everyone continued to work hard in the last remaining minutes and it paid off. Arrows finished the match winning the game 23-25. Excellent end to the season.

Thank you to Hayley for umpiring and to Emily for scoring and reserving.

Player of the match = Harriet   Players Player = Harriet

Parkfield v Vipers 02/04/2016

Vipers travelled down to Taunton for their third meeting of the season with Parkfield. Having won both previous encounters confidence was high. But it was a much changed Parkfield side who took to the court and the team from Paulton knew that this would be a tough game.

The first quarter started with the hosts securing their first few goals without reply from the Paulton team, but Vipers soon found their rhythm and the match levelled out at 4-4 after the first five minutes. Kim and Andrea were back together in the defensive circle and were pressuring the Parkfield shooting pair, forcing errors and coming away with turnover ball. However, it was the home side that led into the first break of the match with the teams leaving the court with Parkfield leading 11-9.

Vipers made a few changes during the quarter break with Laura moving from WD to GD, Ness taking the WD bib and Zoe coming off the bench into GA. These changes had the desired effect with the increased mobility in the circle allowing Paulton to draw level within the first few minutes. Parkfield soon rallied and were able to regain the lead after securing several rebounded shots, quick moving of the ball up the court and into their shooters. At half time a significant lead had been established with Parkfield leading 23-17.

The second half saw another change to the Vipers line up with Ness returning to GA and Zoe dropping back to WD. The Paulton side were determined to pull the game back and some vital interceptions by the defence turned over possession allowing Vipers to send the ball back into their shooters. However, the tall Parkfield defence were able to take possession of any rebounded shots and, with an experienced shooter directing play by the young mid court players, Paulton struggled to make any inroads into the deficit.  The quarter ended with Parkfield increasing their lead to 36-28.

The final quarter continued in much the same vein with the home team thoroughly in control of the match. But Vipers fighting spirit never left and each player continued to pressure every pass and intercept any loose or weak passes. At the final whistle the score stood at 48-38 to Parkfield.

Player of the Match was Helen (GS) with Players’ Player going to Laura (WD/GD).

Priory v Spears 19/03/2016

Paulton Rovers Spears travelled away to play Taunton NC’s Priory on Saturday. Having previously beaten the side Spears were confident of a win to put last week’s surprise defeat behind them.


The game started slowly as both sides struggled to warm up in the freezing temperatures, working hard in the attacking circle Milly and Meg stood strong against experienced Priory defensive players finding the net repeatedly to close the quarter 8-10 to Spears.


The second quarter Spears really settled into their play holding off the Priory attack. Once again Kelly, Amy and Kim worked well as a defensive unit cutting out passes into the attacking circle and working the ball smoothly back to the awaiting Spears attack. The second quarter closed 14-20.


Spears used their rotational squad to full affect in the second half with Ruby moving to C and Liz at WA. The ladies worked well as a pairing to move the ball quickly from the centre third to attacking third.  With definitive movement and strong passing Spears continued to remain the dominant side; 22-30.


The final quarter saw a defensive rotation, Priory couldn’t gain any momentum and with Shelley in the centre court Spears continued to thrive winning the game comfortably 29-40.

Comeytrow v Arrows 12/03/2016

Arrows traveled to Taunton to take on Comeytrow. Arrows took to the court with determination to take home a win. The girls fought for every ball, trying to make many interceptions to turn it over. Pip (GS) and Rebecca (GA) worked well and hard together to get the ball into the D and score many goals. They ended the quarter 13-8 to Comeytrow.

The second quarter saw the girls make some changes to their team. Kim went on as GK and Bethany moved to WD. With Harriet at GD the three worked extremely hard together in defence managing to stop their players from getting the ball and the shooters from scoring as many. It stayed a tight quarter for the girls. The girls came off the second quarter leading 15-16.

After half time arrows took to the court, determined to make the score higher. Shannon (C) and Ellie (WA) worked well and quickly together in mid court, allowing opportunity to get the ball into the D. They limited movement for the players making it harder for them to receive a ball. The girls managed to get themselves a higher lead. They came off the court leading 26-21.

Making their final changes Arrows took to the court for the last quarter. Ella (WD) kept pressure on her player when it came to the oppositions centre passes. Everyone continued to work hard, making more fantastic interceptions and putting a lot of pressure on Comeytrow. Arrows finished the match with smiles on their faces and a win to bring home. The final score was 29-27.

Arrows would like to thank the umpires and supporters. Player of the match: Shannon and Player’s Player: Pip.

Arrows v Aldon 27/02/2016

On Saturday Arrows took on Aldon at home. Arrows came out strong in the first quarter but unfortunately lost this quarter by one goal, 7-8. Pip (GA) received some lovely centre passes from Shannon (C) and Ellie (WA) coming out strong for the next pass to feed into Rebecca (GS) for some lovely shots.

The second quarter saw a change of position for Ella, going to WD and Bethany changing to GK. This meant Bethany took control of the defensive end and alongside Harriet caught some rebounds that as a team Arrows were able to turnover. This quarter also saw Pip and Rebecca swap positions with Rebecca moving to GA and Pip changing to GS. Pip made some nice space and was able to receive some good passes and then played herself in to score some lovely goals with Rebecca doing the same. Shannon (C) and Ellie (WA) were able to make lovely passes between themselves in the centre third and attacking end. The score going into half time was 21-14 to Aldon.

Arrows continued to battle during the third quarter making good interceptions and scoring some good goals.  Ellie (WA) was creating good space and received some good passes from Harriet (GD) and Shannon (C) and was then able to get them into our shooters to pop them up into the net. Although the defence managed to hold off a lot of possible goals from Aldon the score of the 3rd quarter was 30-23.

The final quarter saw Arrows play their best yet dominating scoring ten goals. This was due to the defence of Bethany (GK), Harriet (GD) and Ella (WD). Bethany was giving a tough game for their shooters by applying pressure to their shots. Ella (WD) tracked the WA to help put on the pressure, ensuring that the WA was unable to receive as many passes and give them into the shooters. Harriet played noticeably well, making some lovely interceptions which meant Arrows were able to make the turn over and score. Rebecca (GA) made good space and was able to receive some great passes and play herself straight into a position to shoot.

Spears v Reckleford 27/02/2016

Spears played at home to 2nd placed Reckleford in very cold conditions. Spears knew it would be a hard game and started well. Ruby linked well with the shooters, feeding with accuracy and great timing to awaiting Meg and Millie. Kim worked well at GK limiting the goal shooters space. Reckleford also played well and the first quarter ended even at 7 goals all.


Spears did the first of rotations going into the second quarter, with Kim off and Amy on in defence. Unfortunately Spears made several errors which meant Reckleford were able to convert into goals. The defence worked hard, and Shelley at centre was able to get some interceptions, but Reckleford pulled away and the quarter ended 19 goals to 15.


The third quarter saw further changes, with Helen coming on at goal shooter, kim back on at GK, Amy moving to GD. This gave renewed drive to Spears and with Kelly in WD marking her attacker well meant this put pressure on Reckleford, and they had to work extra hard in the attack. Helen an Millie linked up well in the shooting circle, with Millie moving well and both making great goals. Spears were able to reduce the gap and the 3rd quarter ended with Reckleford only 2 goals ahead, at 28 goals to 26.


The remaining quarter saw Liz return at WA with Ruby having a well deserved rest. Both teams fought hard in the final quarter, however Spears were unable to gain enough turnovers to take back the lead. Reckleford’s attack remained strong, and although the defence worked their socks off, the game ended with Reckleford winning 38 goals to 34.


Thanks to all the supporters, Cheryl for umpiring, and Helen playing with the team

Vipers v Sharks 10/10/2015

In their 3rd league match of the season Vipers were home to Sharks of Yeovil.

With Deb out injured Vipers took to court with Hayley at C and Zoe at WA. The quarter started slowly for Vipers struggling to find there momentum from the last 2 weeks. But as the quarter progressed as did Vipers. The quarter ended with Vipers trailing by 7. 8-15 to Sharks

A change around at quarter time saw Helen move to WA, Ness move to GS and Zoe to GA. The momentum was still with Sharks and even with some key interceptions from Vipers defence the quarter ended with Sharks still leading 21-12.

Some strong words at half team and another change around in attack with Ness and Helen swapping. Saw Vipers winning the third quarter but still trailing 21-27

The last quarter and Vipers came out strong with the never give up attitude. Becky and Kirstie getting some excellent interceptions and Hayley Andrea and Ness moving the ball down court well in to Zoe and Helen.  Unfortunately it wasn't quite enough and the game ended 29-34. Fab game with Vipers proving they are no walk over in this new division.

Many thanks to Hazel for umpiring Andy for scoring and for Shelley and Cheryl for reserving and all the supporters.

Player of the match was Kirstie and players player was Becky.

Hawks v Claremont 03/10/2015

Paulton’s Tomahawks continued their winning form on Saturday in a closely contested battle against Claremont from Galmington.  From the first whistle it was clear that the game would be fast and competitive with all players committing to interceptions creating a contesting match.  As the goals flowed so the tension on court grew as neither team could break the other’s focus ending the first quarter 13 goals all.

A tactical team talk ensured that Tomahawks came out determined to minimise the errors they were making, while taking their time when turnovers were created.  Dominating runs from Davina at GS ensured that Jade and Darby could feed the circle with ease with Cheryl, GA shooting with 100% accuracy.  As the half time whistle blew Claremont had just scored to put them ahead 20 – 21.

A quick rotation with Jade moving to WA, Caron to C and Darby to WD and a team aim to drive the score forward, ensured that Tomahawks entered the second half with a confident attitude.  From the offset, Darby, WD and Victoria, GD were able to dominate Claremont’s centre passes turning interceptions into goals by Cheryl and Davina.  Great strength and speed from Caron ensured she was able to make countless interceptions centre court,  with Victoria and Kirsty linking up well to force Claremont’s attackers to over feed / short pass the shooting circle. With the quarter finishing 33 – 30 Tomahawks knew the game was now theirs for the taking.

As the final minutes ticked in the last quarter Kristy made some invaluable interceptions at GK which the team drove the ball up to the shooting circle for Cheryl and Vina to shoot with ease.  Strong attacking play and defensive work as individuals and as a team, ensured that Tomahawks were able to keep their 3 points lead to secure yet again a valuable win.

The team would like to thank Hazel for umpiring, Kristie for reserving and all their spectators who cheer them on.  Player as voted by Claremont was Victoria.  The squad and all members at Paulton Rovers Netball Club would like to wish Cheryl Wiltshire a fantastic 40th Birthday.