Monthly Archives: April 2013

Queensway v Vipers 13/04/13

Having watched an intense Hawks game that took its toll on 2 players Vipers took to the indoor court determined to get maximum points from their clash with Queensway. The game started well for both teams with the ball moving quickly from end to end. Ruby made her Vipers debut at C working hard in… Read more »

Trident v Tomahawks 13/04/13

Paulton’s Tomahawks travelled to Taunton on Saturday to face their 5th toughest match in a row.  With Trident positioned 3rd in the league the team knew they face another difficult match with their focus on walking away with a point for getting half of Trident’s goals.  However despite facing experienced competition they confidently took to… Read more »

Spears v Barons 06/04/13

With the sun shining at Glastonbury on Saturday Spears took the court with great enthusiasum. As the whistle blew to start the game, the opposing team; Barons were one player short. Although this can sometimes be an advantage to the smaller team Spears took hold of the advantage with a 16-2 lead. The seventh player… Read more »