Fun match raises money for Dorothy House Hospice!

After their matches the ladies of Paulton Rovers Netball Club played against their partners and dads. This is something that has been on the cards for a very long time but has never come fruition. This year with the passing of beloved coach Stu it was finally time to play this game, with all proceeds going to Dorothy House Hospice.

The first game started well, with the Men giving the ladies a good battle, however the Ladies superior skills soon shone through and they took an early lead. The Men were shocked to discover that Netball is not as easy as it seemed and struggled to grasp the rules, with Ryan Tucker playing well at GK despite numerous calls for obstruction and Clive Bush working well in the centre court making his wide proud with many interceptions. After a quick change over the second half started with the Men scoring well and working well in the centre court with particular good performances coming from Rob Black and Joe Conway. Ben Fuller played well at Center using his size well and passing into Ben Wiltshire at GS and Dave Neil at GA who eventually got a few in. However the ladies still won!

The second game was more difficult for the ladies as the men grasped the rules. Dan Bisgrove, Bradley Freeman and Martin Kilburn played well showing great enthusiasm and in some cases even actual skill!!  Despite this once again the girls remained victorious.

Over the course of the day and by a collection in the club Paulton raised over £80 for Dorothy House. Thank you to all the men who played and all the other family who came along to watch and cheer.


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