Junior Tournament Report

Paulton juniors played their third tournament of the season on Sunday 4th December. 
The squad had been drawn against three teams, Sydenham, Yeovil and Galmington and were keen to put into practice their recent weeks of training. 

The first match was against Sydenham, a match both players and coaches felt the team could win.  The first half started well with Paulton dominating the pace of the game with Lori at C and Ellie at WA linking up well to feed Lauren and Rebecca as shooters.  However despite the team maintaining procession in the first half Paulton were only able to score 2 goals despite the attack consistently turning over Sydenham’s defence.  At half time the girls regrouped with the first of many team rotations with Maya making her debut at WD making valuable interceptions from the whistle.   Sydenham however came out stronger than in the first half passing the ball accurately down the court to score 3 goals, winning the match 2 – 3, despite Emmie at GD and Macey at GK working hard, creating the foundations of a strong defensive partnership. 

After a positive team talk and another rotation the girls took the court to play against Yeovil.  Grace came on at GS returning from injury to link up well with Lauren and Creys who both played GA.  Vanessa also came on at WA to feed the circle with flare, providing support to Meg at C.  Despite successfully turning the ball over, Paulton were not able to capitalise on their success often losing possession due to poor passing against strong team.  This enabled Yeovil to push ahead 2 – 6, despite the defensive unit of Macey and Cerys closely marking their circle attackers and Shannon limiting the WA’s options at WD. 

The final match of the day was against an anticipated strong side, Galmington.  The girls however came out fighting with accurate passing and great movement down the court.  With players dodging clear of their defenders creating options Paulton were able to take control of the game to lead at half time 2 – 1.  The second half continued well for the team with the girls coming forward for the ball and reading Galmington’s play to intercept their centre play, only allowing them to score 1 goal.  As the minutes ticked down Paulton’s spectators were hoping for a draw, but as both team fought for the final goal Galmington were to score in the final minute to win 2 – 3.  Despite the disappointment of not drawing against the experienced side the girls walked away knowing that they had held their own and played their best netball of the day. 

The coaches would like to thank the team’s supporters and parents for cheering the girls on and for their continued support. 

Player of the tournament was Lauren.

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