Junior’s continue winning ways

Paulton Rovers’ three junior teams travelled to Wells on Sunday 10th November to see if they could replicate their success from October’s tournament.  From the first whistle the U12s impressed their coaches with young Charlotte and Gracie getting their first real test of competitive netball.  The squad of eight quickly gelled together and put into practice their last three weeks of training to deliver some exciting matches.  Great passing throughout the court impresses interceptions from Tessa in defence and game play from Sky at C ensured that during the team’s five matches they always remained the dominant team.  Great shooting from Jade and Emily P kept Paulton’s supporters cheering and dynamic movement from Ellie and Maise in centre court allowed the ball to move smoothly up the channels.  A fantastic team performance saw the team win all five of their matches much to the delight of their coaches Liz and Jade.

Paulton’s U14b team also started early on Sunday taking on three teams.  Having taken on two teams last month the girls knew what to expect playing in the next age group and warmed up maturely, even asking to practice known weakness areas.  Their first game was against Purnell A in which Paulton came out hard, strong passing linked with drives on to the ball ensured that the team remained in possession at all times.  Hydee and Bethany worked hard in defence strengthening their relationship to ensure that Purnell were only able to score 3 goals.  While Shannon and Mollie converted the team’s hard work into goals, securing the team’s first win 7 – 3.  The next two matches unfortunately didn’t go Paulton’s way losing out by a goal each time as the final whistle blew, but the team showed great promise with their goal for goal performances.  Emily S grew in confidence with every match, intercepting some brilliant high balls, with Lori and Megan linking up and feeding the circle with ease at C and WA.  Again the team performed well leaving their coaches Victoria, Cheryl and Debbie excited for the future.

Finally Paulton’s U14a team were in action.  The team successfully finished top of the league after October’s tournament and were keen to continue their winning form.  With the pressure on the girls stepped on court to play their first match against Purnell B.  From the whistle the team shocked their coaches with their dominating fast play, with each player buzzing they moved the ball up the court with ease, setting their vision beyond the next player to long feed the ball into the shooting circle for Cerys and Macey to link up securing vital goals.  With everyone driving on to the ball, Purnell were unable to secure interceptions.  In return Paulton’s defence also dominated the semi circle tipping short passes and plucking high balls out of the air to ensure the team remained in possession.  A phenomenal start saw the girls win 15 – 0.  The team’s second match against Tor was closely contended with the score line staying low at 4 – 3  to Paulton, much to the credit of Meg WD and Rebecca GD in reading Tor’s play to overturn balls and provide vital attacking back up down the court.  Unfortunately the girls were to lose their next game against Bridgwater B as they showcased a fast paced controlled match.  Despite the team working hard and Emmie and Ellie giving it their all in centre court the team were unable to reach the shooting circle to fight back.  However the team learned that they must not allow their concentration to dip when playing under pressure.  Finally though, much to the delight of their spectators the girls were able to pick themselves up and dominate Taunton in an 11 – 0 win.  Great teamwork, accurate passing, and mature movement ensured that the ball always remained in Paulton’s hands.  Ella worked hard at GK reading the play to overturn Taunton’s shooting chances, which in return enabled Rebecca and Meg to once again drive the ball down the court to the attack.

Another fantastic team performance has given the squad a chance of being promoted into the high U14 League for the rest of season.  For now they must wait to see if they came first or second in the League.

U14a 2013-2014

Players of the tournament:  Ellie M, Shannon and Ellie D.  The coaches would like to thank all of the parents for their support and for cheering the teams on.

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