Juniors Excel in Wells

Paulton Junior Netball Club travelled to Wells on Sunday to take part in their final tournament of the season. Paulton took just one U12 team with the emphasis being on fun and participation and allowing the coaches to try some new rotations.

The first game was against Taunton, a game which Paulton felt confident of winning.

Amelia and Eleanor started as shooters and Georgia and Georgie played solidly in defence.

Paulton played the better netball but unfortunately did not convert every opportunity and drew 0-0.

The second match was against Galmington, which was always going to be a close game as Galmington finished just one place above Paulton in the league.

Georgina Phillips took on the role of GS fantastically well and was undeterred by the more experienced Taunton girls.

Paulton battled and linked together well, with lily Mae and Georgia on the wings.

After ten minutes of valiant effort, Paulton drew 0-0.

The girls then played Tor, whose older, stronger players dominated the court and inflicted a 6-1 defeat on the girls.

Unfazed and remaining positive, Paulton took on Bridgwater Seconds.

Some crucial interceptions by Georgina at WA enabled the shooters to score valuable goals and Tilly, Lily Mae and Georgie worked hard in defence to help Paulton maintain the 2-2 scoreline at the final whistle.

The fifth game was against Wells, but unfortunately just before half-time Georgie had to be taken off due to an injury.

A quick change at half-time enabled the girls to play their best netball and everyone worked hard ensuring a 7-0 victory.

Next up were Bridgwater Firsts, who had a very tall GS, but Georgia shadowed her well.

At the other end of the court, Emily Jones played a great game at GS, but it wasn’t enough to hold them and Paulton lost 5-2.

The final game was against Yeovil, who topped the table this season so it was always going to be Paulton’s toughest opposition.

Yeovil were too strong and Paulton lost 6-1.

Ali McLachlan is running Easter netball coaching sessions for children in Years 3 and above, and is also looking for new players to join Paulton.

It has been a great year for the club and they are looking forward to a more prosperous 2007/8 season.

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