Tournament of Experience For Juniors

On Sunday September 24, Paulton Juniors travellled to Wells Blue School on a sunny morning for their first tournament of the season.

This season Paulton entered two U12 teams – the Pumas and Panthers – with both teams wearing their new kit sponsored by Ford Fuel Oils and M.A Cole.

Pumas’ first game was against Tor.

The girls nervously took to the court but soon found their feet as the team quickly gelled together and started scoring goals, while defending well enough so not to concede any.

The final result ended with a well-deserved 10-0.

Panthers’ first match saw them take on an experienced Galmington team.

The girls took to their positions, remembering everything they had been taught in previous training secessions.

Their hard work and enthusiasm paid off with them only conceding six goals.

The next match saw the two excited teams take on one another much to their amusement.

The match showcased the girls’ development and new-found skills, which they had picked up during summer training, with a noticeable improvement in their passing and footwork.

All parents were able to watch an enjoyable game, which ended 0-9 to the Pumas.

After lunch the Panthers played their extra match against Tor with the Pumas cheering them on.

Unfortunately they lost despite their great team effort, which saw them make many interceptions at both ends of the court as their confidence grew making it hard for Tor to relax.

The final match for both teams saw them take on an experienced and older Bridgwater side.

Both teams used the experiences gained from the morning’s previous matches to play against a fast-paced Bridgwater.

The girls held their own, defending all the way down the court while passing to each other strongly.

Despite losing, both teams came off court smiling after having a great morning of netball.

The club would like to thank the parents for their help during the morning and as always their enthusiastic support.

Pumas Player of the Tournament: Darby.

Panthers Player of the Tournament: Eleanor.

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