Garnets v Spears 22/03/14

Saturday saw our Spears team travel to Sydenham to take on Garnets. The girls were expecting a good result and they were not disappointed. Spears were looking to maintain their top spot in the third division and took control early on breaking garnets first centre.

With some great attacking play from Hayley at C and Ruby at WA Spears dominated. The girls were on fire making multiple interceptions turning the ball over and sending it flying to the awaiting shooting pair. Spears took an easy early lead 1-20.

The second quarter saw the two Kelly’s remaining strong in defence preventing any slight chance the Garnets attack may have had. The whole team were inĀ control and passing well. Fantastic shooting from Milly and Meg, who barely missed a shot. As the half time whistle blew Spears were leading 5-32 and most definitely in control.

The third quarter, saw more fantastic inceptions and supportĀ from Zoe. Spears were moving the ball around the court lovely, full of confidence. For the final quarter Pip moved to GA, enabling Spears to kept the momentum going and the whole team played an amazing game, The full time score was 10-66, a brilliant result. Well done to Hayley on player of the match. Big thank you to Hazel and Andy for umpiring and scoring.

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