Aldon v Arrows 19/09/2015

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Starting line-up:

GS: Rebecca

GA: Pip

WA: Ellie

C: Shannon

WD: Cheryl

GD: Harriet

GK: Ella

Arrows travelled to Yeovil for the second game of the season against Aldon. The first quarter was a fantastic start for the team with Rebecca, Ellie and Shannon making some accurate passes to feed the ball to Pip and Rebecca keeping it goal for goal. Aldon however, quickly made some turnovers leaving the score to 10-8 to them.

Harriet and Ella worked well as a pair in defence making sure they got any possible rebounds to turn the play and lead the ball back up to the attacking end. However Aldon’s rushed passes meant that it was harder for the defensive side to make any turnovers which allowed Aldon to pull further ahead 20-14.

Pip and Rebecca switched positions after the break but no further rotations were made. Coming back the team were determined to close the gap with Shannon, Ellie and Cheryl working well passing up the court and feeding into the end third. However although the team had great determination Aldon came out harder against Arrows giving them a bigger lead, 32-20.

In the final quarter Pip and Rebecca went back to their original positions and Kimberley was brought on at GK to help get some points. This quarter was a lot stronger and everyone carried on going until the very end leading to more opportunities and shots for arrows, Arrows managed to score 9 goals whereas Aldon only scored 5. Despite the score the team left the court with smiles on their faces knowing that they had worked hard as a team.

Thank you to Victoria for umpiring and to Spears for their loud cheering.

Player of the match = Shannon   Players Player = Ellie

Next match = Arrows v Comeytrowe 3/10/15 @ 15.15.

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