Ambers Vs Paulton B 17th Oct 2009

After a couple of defeats Paulton B needed a win in order to regain their confidence, and Saturdays match was just what they needed. 

The first quarter started brilliantly with the strong defence of Becky and Katrina keeping out the attempts on goal by Ambers and with some great interceptions in the centre court by Kim and Elizabeth Paulton kept on turning that ball over to take the lead ending the quarter 2 – 6.

After a quick team talk from Victoria Paulton continued to gain confidence and this showed in their attacks on goal, with Helen, Kristie and Jade playing well together feeding the ball leading to another 9 goals. Ending the quarter 7 – 14

After some delicious oranges Paulton took to the court for the third quarter re energised and it showed with the defence coming forward to aid the attack on the Ambers goal.  Again great working of the ball by Paulton’s attackers allowed them to maintain the lead, finishing the quarter 11 -22.

The final quarter saw a change in Ambers who decided they weren’t going down with out a fight, so they came out all guns blazing, unfortunately they couldn’t get passed Paulton B’s strong defence who kept on battling and turning the ball over.  The final score 19 – 28 meant a great deal to Paulton B who will use this win to continue to grow as a team.

Thanks to Victoria for coming along!!

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