Blackdown v Spears 16/04/2016

With Spears still chasing the slim hopes of promotion the travelled to Taunton determined to gain the win.


The game started well, in the Saturday sunshine, with Spears solid defensive players of Kim, Amy and Kelly turning over multiple passes Blackdown faltered and failed to gain any momentum. Spears closed the quarter with the lead 4 – 7.


The second quarter saw Shelley, back from illness, on at WA making an immediate impact with added pace and linking well with Ruby at C. Blackdown struggled to contain the momentum that Spears were building. Spears remained in the lead 10 – 15.


Utilising their rotational capabilities Spears brought Liz back on at WA with Shelley moving to C for the third quarter.  Once again Blackdown struggled to deal with the swift movement and accurate passing of the whole of the Spears squad. The ball was repeatedly turned over and sent to the awaiting Spears shooters. The close of the quarter saw Spears push further into the lead 15 – 25.


The final quarter brought Ruby back on at C with fresh pace and enthusiasm.  Working well as a unit the Spears attack continued to build on the winning score line with Helen and Milly sinking repeated goals. Spears romped home victorious 23-35.


Player of the match Helen, Players Player Amy and Kelly

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