Canons v Paulton B 19/03/11

Paulton B had a very early start on Saturday as they headed to a foggy Wells. The game started and the fog cleared with the sun shining through. Paulton took a a little time to settle into the game with Canons taking an early lead in the 1st quarter thanks to the experience of their GS. However injury struck the Canons team and Paulton capitalised pushing the ball down to their shooters in quick succession. The first quarter ended 8-8.

After a quick pep talk Paulton came back with confidence with Liz and Jade working well together to feed the shooters. Some good centre court play allowed Paulton to take the lead despite the increasing heat, 15-20.

The third quarter started well for Paulton with Shelley making some brilliant interceptions at WD and passing well to her supporting players.  The new defensive teaming of Kim and Laura B worked well, with them stopping the Canons shooters from getting a chance on goal. Quarter ended with Paulton stil ahead 21-32.

The final quarter saw Canons come out fighting, however some quick turn overs in the centre court allowed Darby and Laura M to hit their targets time and time again. This new attack worked well together communicating and moving well confusing the Canons defensive players and causing them to make mistakes. Paulton took a well deserved victory 30-45.

Thanks to Tanya, Dave and Victoria for their support and Helen for umpiring!

Player of the Match: Darby (GS)


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