Canons v Paulton B 24/01/12

Facing tough competition in the league tables Paulton B knew that they needed a win to keep their chances of promotion alive.

The game started shakily with the ball moving from end to end with neither team able to take advantage from interceptions made. Paulton were just ahead at the end of the quarter 6-8.

A good pep talk and a little team shuffle saw Paulton came out fighting. Interceptions by Shelley and Jade meant that the team could work the ball swiftly to the awaiting shooters. Canons defence pushed hard but could not gain an advantage and Paulton pushed further ahead 14-20.

Another team shuffle saw Sarah back on at WA adding a dash of pace to Paulton’s attack.  The team worked hard together with Andrea defending brilliantly and preventing her shooter from gaining any ground.  Darby at GA got free from her defender well getting into space and teamed up well with Helen who repeatedly hit the target. The quarter ended as Paultons best defensive performance of the game 19-33.

A final squad rotation saw Liz back on at WD making some fantastic interceptions. Some great movement from all the team had the ball working quickly down the court to the attackers.  The ladies kept going until the very last whistle and were proud of their win the game ended 42-27.

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