Hawks v Gems 26/10/13

Tomahawks gained another unexpected valuable five points on Saturday when they took on Gems from Bridgwater who finished strongly last season.  Still on a high from last week’s fantastic win the girls took to the court with confidence knowing that if they played their own game, they could keep in contention with Gems.

The first quarter started strongly with the team proving to be the most disciplined and accurate with their play.  Fantastic shooting from Davina and Darby set the girls up well with them leading 8 – 5.  In shock from their dominating performance they knew they had to go out hard again against Gems if they were to keep their lead.  Super team work in defence from GK Kirsty, GD Cheryl and WD Laura, insured that Gems’ attacking play was kept at bay with the shooters being forced to shoot long and Laura completely taking her WA out of the equation.   As the minutes passed and more supporters arrived the team grew in strength, working the ball with ease down the court into Davina who dominated her GK and opened up space for Darby to move into.  Short sharp passes across the circle to Shelley and Sarah ensured that the shooters could work themselves ever closer to the post to secure valuable goals.  At half time the team were still leading 16 – 12.

Captain, Victoria stressed that the players must keep coming on to the attacking ball and to play their own game at their speed, as it was noticeable from the sidelines that Gems were starting to take advantage of their weakness.  Changes were also made to keep up with Gems unstoppable C with Shelley moving to WA and Sarah to C.  Unfortunately for Paulton, Gems came out fighting in the second half with a can do attitude to score some fantastic goals.  However not to be deterred the girls kept their composure with Cheryl dominating the centre third to offer vital support to the attack with words of direction and court support to ensure possession was kept.  As the final minutes ticked down Kirsty at GK made some amazing air interceptions keeping Gems’ shooters at bay and their growing confidence.  Unfortunately at the end of the 3rd quarter Gems had equalled the score to 22 – 22.

As the final quarter started Kirsty had to leave and was replaced by Kristie at GK.  Shelley and Sarah also swapped back to their original positions and a goal for goal match was played out before the team’s spectators.  With everyone now working 100%, the team continued to surprise Gems with their accurate play in both attack and defence.  Kristie gelled quickly with Cheryl and secured valuable rebounds for Laura to work down to the court to Sarah and Shelley.  As the final minutes passed Paulton were able to secure a valuable centre court interception to break Gems, winning the match 32 – 30.

The team would like to thank Jane for umpiring, Kristie and Ness for reserving and their supporters for cheering them on.

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