Hawks v Hovelands 19/10/13

Saturday 19th October saw Tomahawks take on Hovelands, a team always looking to finish in the top 3 of the Premiership Division.  With this in mind and from previous experience the team knew to expect a fast paced tough match against some very skilled players.  However the girls knew that they could hold their own against the team if they concentrated for a full hour.

The first quarter started slowly for both teams due to each defence over turning the first 5 minutes of attacking play.  This great defensive start for Paulton had their spectators already starting to whisper that the match could be un-expectantly close.  As the minutes ticked away Davina GS and Darby GA found their shooting space and began scoring some fantastic goals fed in by Sarah and Shelley with superb accuracy and ease.  Catching Hovelands on the hop Tomahawks took advantage and upped the pace of their game to finish the first quarter 9 – 5 up.

The second quarter started well again for Paulton with Cheryl GD working hard to keep her GA completely out of the shooting circle, which in turn gave Kirsty at GK the space to consistently make high interceptions into Hovelands GS.  With great accuracy Cheryl and Laura were able to work the ball out the defensive quarter linking in with Shelley and Sarah who were now balancing the court leaving their opponents looking lost.  As the crowd grew and cheers increased Tomahawks kept their composure and continued to push forward to lead at half time 15 – 12.

After a positive half time talk and instructions to keep the ball flat and short to prevent Hovelands from intercepting the team took to the court once again.  As expected Hovelands came out with a rotated squad to add new pressure to the team and a greater determination to up the pace of the game to gain control of the match.  However Paulton continued to fight, matching the pace of Hovelands on their attacking play and changing their own pace when needed.  Laura at WD worked tirelessly to cut the WA out of the game and was rewarded with some fantastic interceptions.  Everyone’s focus and some amazing long shots from Darby kept the team just ahead at 22 – 18.

Finally the last quarter arrived with the spectators now too nervous to watch as Hovelands came out fighting for the last time.  With their skill and flare now on full show the opposition began to take control with Tomahawks unable to match their play, dropping 6 goals behind.  However they soon regained composure and came back with Cheryl and Kirsty off putting Hovelands shooters, with Laura and Shelley linking up well to bring the ball down the court and Sarah out playing her WD to find Darby and Davina consistently in the shooting circle, who confidently shot from all angles.  As the minutes ticked by the crowd held their breath to watch Paulton secure a phenomenal victory, 31 – 30, securing five valuable points.

The team would like to thank Jane for umpiring and all those that came to cheer and lift them on.

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