Hawks v Knights 08/02/14

Tomahawks faced Knights on Saturday in awful weather conditions of high winds and ice cold rain; however the team were not fazed by the conditions, knowing that it favoured their style of play compared to that of Knights who like to play indoors. Short sharp passes were the order of the day with everyone having to work 100% not to fall into old habits of long balls. The first quarter started promising for Tomahawks with them matching Knights goal for goal with Kirsty and Victoria cementing their new defensive partnership, intercepting balls in defence and Cheryl and Darby linking up well in the shooting circle after just one training session. With Tomahawks walking off the mentally stronger team after the first quarter they knew they had more to give being down just two goals, 9-11.

After a positive team talk from Debbie the girls took to the court again knowing that Knights would be stepping up the pace of the game. With this in mind the girls continued to focus on their own style of play, keeping possession of the ball with short strong passes down the court with ease by Laura and Shelley, linking up with Sarah to hit Knight’s defence hard with their speed. With everyone finding their voices and defending the court hard, Knights were unable to run away with the match. Paulton finished the first half 14 – 19.

The second half saw a small dip in the team’s concentration with passes being intercepted by an agitated Knights who wanted to pull away. Despite the teams’ minor mistakes they were able to remain mentally strong taking their time to work the ball up the court into Cheryl and Darby who shot some fantastic goals under pressure. With excitement building on the sidelines the girls continued to work, driving into space despite limbs now feeling ice cold. The quarter ended 17 – 32.

With one more quarter to go the team were not about to watch a vital league point disappear so they headed out still determined to attack hard, this they did matching Knights goal for goal, aided by Kirsty’s amazing circle interceptions which Shelley and Laura quickly worked up the court for Sarah to feed into the circle. With the final seconds closing down Paulton fought hard to walk away with a point from a team who on their previous encountered had destroyed them. The final score was 20 – 32.

Players’ player went to Darby, Kirsty, Sarah and Shelley. Player of the match was Shelley and Darby. The team would like to thank Jane for umpiring, Jade, Kim, Helen and Ness for reserving and all their supporters for cheering them on.

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