Hawks v Sharks 28/09/13

Hawks played their first home game of the season on a very wet Saturday morning. They knew it would be a fairly even match, but knew the result could mean a win.

With Laura back Hawks started off strongly with their full squad. There was a bit of apprehension in their play, as the rain caused the ball to become very slippery, meaning passing had to be accurate. Sharks defence stuck to shooters Davina and Darby quite close, meaning Sarah at WA and Shelley at C had to be patient when passing into the circle. When the ball was in the shooters hands though their rarely missed. Sharks also played the ball in their circle, which resulted in a close end to the first quarter with Hawks leading 8 goals to 7.

Using their rotational squad, Laura went on at C with Shelley moving back to WD. This proved a solid change, as Shelley provided vital support in the defence for Kirsty at GK and Cheryl GD, ensuring the back line throw ins moved successfully up the court. Kirsty and Cheryl’s new partnership was beginning to show promise, as they worked hard in the circle. Kirsty’s stretch proved off putting for Sharks attack, meaning Cheryl could pick up many rebounds. The rain was falling heavier in this quarter, but Hawks maintained their steady play, with great link up the court from Sarah and Darby making several moves to keep possession. Hawks managed to keep their lead by one goal ending half time at 12 goals to 11.

Another change at half time brought Jade on at WA. After a good half time team talk from Captains Victoria and Debbie Hawks again started to play their own game. Jade soon settled and ensured her presence was known to aid the attack, and keep the game controlled. The defence still worked hard, and Cheryl continued to provide great teamwork by providing assistance all up the court. The defence’s hard work of interceptions and communication meant that it took Sharks 12 minutes into the quarter before they scored their first goal!!. Hawks took advantage of this and with accurate shooting from Davina, Hawks ended the 3rd quarter with a further lead of 16 goals to 13.

The final quarter saw no changes, but the rain was easing off now meaning Hawks could increase their passing skills. Knowing that Sharks could still pull back Hawks maintained their good team work and patience to dominate in the last quarter. Great passing from Cheryl straight from the centre third into Darby in the circle resulted in some fanatastic goals. Jade and Laura continued to work well together in the attack, providing vital support to the shooters. The defence also maintained their consistency of supporting each other and limiting Sharks chances to score. The final whistle blew and Hawks ended their first home game with a win, 22 goals to 16. Thanks to Jane for umpiring and to all the supporters in what turned out to be a great day for Paulton, securing 3 home wins.

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