Hendford v Vipers 16/11/13

Paulton visited Yeovil this week to play Hendford for the first time this season.
After a couple of weeks of changes to the team and not training as a team for a while Paulton started strong, with a new defence which saw Andrea move out play a WD position and Becky stepping into GK position, the score after the first quarter was close 11-14 to Hendford. With strong passing from Hayley and Vanessa to the shooters Helen and Zoe who were rarely missing Paulton closed the gap to 2 goals by half time 23-25 to Hendford. The third quarter saw both teams make positional changes, Hendfords attack came alive missing nothing and taking advantage of a few slips by the vipers team they extended their lead to 10 goals finishing the quarter 31-41. The final quarter saw goal for goal action with the final score 44-55, leaving the Vipers team pleased to have earned a point and knowing that now they have a consistent team next time victory will be theirs.

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