Hovelands v Tomahawks 24/11/12

Hovelands v Paulton’s Tomahawks

Paulton’s Tomahawks braved the weather on Saturday to travel away to Taunton to play top of the league Hovelands.  Unfortunately the squad was missing one of its shooters, Cheryl and attacker, Hayley out with a back injury.  Luckily Laura and Shelley were available to help, stepping up into the Premiership match with ease.  The first quarter started quickly with Hovelands determined to set the pace for the match and demonstrate their dominance, scoring an impressive 20 goals.  However this did not deter the team with young members Jade and Darby seeming unfazed by Hovelands’ skill.  Together the team worked hard to keep possession of the ball with sisters Davina, GS and Darby GA linking up well against a talented defence to score 8 goals.

At the end of the first quarter the team decided to change their style of attacking play to keep their passes short to avoid long balls being intercepted, the squad also rotated with Ness moving to WA and Laura to WD.  The team were also confident that Hovelands would not be able to continue playing at such speed as the match progressed.  This theory was evident in the second quarter with Paulton now being able to keep up with their opponent’s breaking play.  At this steadier pace the team were able to fight back securing interceptions of their own with the defence of Charlotte, Victoria and Laura working hard to overturn balls and pressurising the attack.  Jade, C also worked hard to cut her opponent out of their attacking play to reduce Hovelands’ goal score to 14.  This enabled Ness to link up with Paulton’s shooters feeding the circle with well timed passes to ensure that the team remained in contention securing a league point.

At half time the team knew that they had to keep on fighting to reduce Hovelands’ lead of 34 – 14.  After a positive team talk from Hayley the squad changed again with Shelley coming on at C and Victoria and Charlotte swapping in the defensive semi circle.  The team once again took to the court this time with the focus of slowing their own game play down to take control.  Unfortunately for the team Hovelands also brought on new players who injected new pace and determination into the team setting them on fire once again.  Paulton worked hard with Victoria and Charlotte securing any rebounds, with Laura and Shelley also dominating the centre court, to link in well with Ness who once again patiently feed the circle until Darby and Davina were in a position to shoot.  Unfortunately despite great team work and super shooting the team trailed 51 – 21 at the end of the third quarter.

The last quarter proved to be Paulton’s strongest with Hovelands tiring from their speedy play creating a goal for goal match, much to the delight of Paulton’s cheering spectators.  With Jade having swapped with Ness at WA the team were able to up their pace with fresh legs.  Accurate passing and excellent movement ensured that Paulton were able to take control of the quarter, as the final minutes passed Paulton continued to overturn balls in the defensive circle enabling the team to rein in Hovelands.  Unfortunately the team lost out by 2 goals to secure a valuable league point from the loss of 60-29, despite a great team performance

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