Jupiter v Paulton A 17/12/11

The game set off at a face pace with Paulton taking an early lead in the opening five minutes after several key interceptions by the defence prevented the ball from reaching the Jupiter shooters.  Some strong midcourt play from Vanessa and Deb saw the ball, instead, travel down the court to the Paulton attack who were able to capitalise on the turnovers by netting the ball easily.  Towards the end of the quarter Jupiter began to settle and were able to find ways through the Paulton defence but this wasn’t enough to catch up with the visitors lead before the whistle brought the quarter to an end.  Paulton left the court leading 11 – 15.
A tense start to the second quarter saw all 14 players that began the game remain on court. Paulton were showing a great work rate as they pushed their opponents all over the court and forced multiple errors.  Cheryl and Davina were working well in the circle, with Davina showing some superb athleticism to maintain possession following any rebounding shots.  With a lot of breaking following centre restarts, Paulton had to keep their heads to ensure that sloppy play was kept to a minimum as Jupiter were taking full advantage of any penalties awarded to them.  The end of the half saw the teams leave the court with Paulton maintaining their lead at 19 – 24.
The third quarter saw a change the in the Jupiter defence, who brought on a younger, taller GK to try to unsettle the Paulton shooters.  However, this tactic didn’t seem to bother Cheryl and Davina who took command of the circle with some neat interplay to ensure that all shots found their taget.  The Paulton defence were also building on their strong start applying a lot of pressure to the Jupiter attack and forcing the ball to be turned over.  Once in possession, some great work by Vanessa and Deb ensured that Paultons shooters didn’t have the same trouble receiving the ball as their Jupiter counterparts, enabling the away team top extend their lead by the end of the quarter, which ended 30 – 38.
Paulton were able to cement their lead throughout the final quarter by continuing to pressure every pass made by the opposition, forcing them to reset the plays and preventing them from gaining any momentum.  Charlotte and Victoria hassled every shot and were able to take possession of the ball following any rebounded shots, with Deb, Hayley and Vanessa moving the ball through the midcourt with some accurate passing and safely into the Paulton circle. The final whistle brought the game to its conclusion with the score 38 – 50 in Paultons favour.
Thanks to the supporters who braved the cold to watch a great game.  Player of the match was Davina (GS).

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