Knaves Vs Paulton A 26th Sept 09

Paulton travelled away in their second game of the season.  Hoping for a strong start like the previous game, Paulton did not disappoint. The first quarter started steadily and although the attack went a little too deep at times, the shooting by Cheryl and Davina remained consistent meaning a lead of 13 goals to 9.

The second quarter started well with the defence of Vicky, Catherine and Ness starting to put pressure on Knaves attack. This meant Knaves only managed to score 7 goals. With accurate passing into the circle by Shelley and Hayley, meant Paulton extended their lead to by an amazing 20 goals, ending the quarter 29 goals to 16.

The third quarter saw Paulton continue to use their Squad rotation with Shelley coming off, and Hayley going as Centre and Ness going into aid the attack. This did not slow the teams momentum as Paulton continued to play well as a team, with Debbie adding pressure to the Knaves attack. This quarter ended with Paulton extending their lead to 45 goals-20

 The final quarter saw Shelley coming back on and Paulton set them themselves a target of 10 goals. With Paulton picking up the loose balls and remaining their excellent defending to keep the pressure on Knaves attack, Paulton  continued to dominate the game and ended with a well deserved 56 goals to 26.

Paulton A 56 Knaves 26


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