Mars v Vipers 15/02/14

Vipers travelled away from home to Bridgwater, in yet again wet and windy conditions, looking for another win! Due to Becky and Zoe not being available, Jade and Kristie stepped into the squad.

Both teams struggled with the weather in the first quarter, but short passes in centre court from Hayley and Jade, saw the shooters of Ness and Helen take a 9-8 lead.

With Vipers settling into their game and the defence of Kristie, Kim and Andrea making some fantastic interceptions, Vipers gained a 23-17 lead going into half time!

Despite some changes from Mars, the last two quarters saw Vipers remain in their positions. With a determination to win, continued control of the ball and great shooting, Vipers ended the game with another fantastic win 40-33. A great team effort!


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