Monmouth v Paulton B 28/04/12

With only two games left Paulton remain determined to keep their winning streak going to ensure promotion. The game started slowly with Paulton taking time to settle in to play. Good centre court movement kept Paulton ahead with the quarter ending 6-9.

By the second quarter the ladies had settled and passed the ball well. Some great set pieces allowed Paulton to remain comfortably in the lead at the end of the quarter 10-18.

The third quarter saw Monmouth make a comeback, taking Paulton by surprise. However they managed to stay in the game keeping the chance of a win alive the quarter ended 25-27.

A rotation of players gave Paulton the kick they needed to push ahead. Some much needed interceptions by Paultons defence allowed the ball to be turned over and sent swiftly down court to the awaiting attackers who once again we on target ensuring the win for Paulton the final whistle with a score of 32-37.

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