Monmouth v Paulton Spears 22/09/12

Paulton Vipers travelled to Taunton Vale expecting  a tough game against the recently demoted Quantock side. However they played good netball to keep their winning streak alive.

The first quarter started well with the ball moving quickly end to end, resulting in a goal for goal score line with neither side able to capitalise and push ahead.

After one of their signature rotations Paulton came out fighting with Paulton defending the circle well ensuring Quantock were unable to gain a lead. The ball was sent swiftly up court with Paulton ahead by one goal at the whistle blow 22-23.
As the game remained tight Paulton didn’t use a rotation and stayed in position and continued to work well as a team making many interceptions and passing the ball well pushing ahead a little further 30-33.

The game stayed close throughout the final quarter but Vipers remained steadfast and continued to play their own game. This proved effective with the experienced Quantock side struggling to find the net and panicking under the pressure from Vipers. Vipers remained in the lead at the close of the game 41-43.

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