Neptune v Paulton A 02/04/11

Paulton went out feeling positive, with a strong start from Cheryl and Vina getting all the goals needed and Neptune defence struggling to keep up with them, the first quarter ended at 11-4.

In the second quarter the defence worked brilliantly to intercept as many passes and to snatch in any rebounds as they could. To send it down the court to Deb and Hayley who fed the D well. Keeping Paulton in the lead of 23-14.

After the half, Paulton still feeling positive, and a great start for the whole team, Char and Vic making some good interceptions, and working well with centre court Deb and Ness to get it to the shooters who were on form and weren’t missing! As Paulton pulled away and the third quarter ending at 35-25.

The last quarter Paulton went out with their heads held high, knowing that Neptune have been said to win with the last quarter this didn’t faze them. A good start from the attack, however the Neptune defence fought for the ball and Paulton couldn’t keep up, Neptune scoring more and more goals, but not enough as the whistle blew and the score 44-41. Paulton win.

Player: Cheryl (GA)

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