Newbarn v Spears 24/11/12

Spears started the game nice and steady with some strong passes in to Milly(GA) and Megan(GS) to give them the opportunity to shoot, also a brilliant connection between the center court players ensured a  positive first quarter score 4-7 to Newbarn. 

In the second quarter Pip(WD) was brought on with some lovely passes back out into the center third. Kirsty(GK) and Zoe(GD) made some brilliant interceptions and applied pressure so that it was made harder for the opposition to bring the ball to the end third and score. Score at the end of the second quarter was 10-16 to Newbarn.

The third quarter ruby (C) played the court in a very controlled and steady way, making sure at every opportunity that the ball was pushed up as far as it could  the court to be shot. Martine(WD) was making  very  good interceptions so  the game could turn its self round and the ball could head down to our shooting direction. Score ending as 12-25 to Newbarn

In a very tense last quarter everyone put there heart and soul into making those goals and interceptions count. Megan was moved down in GK there she was positive in getting the rebounded balls of the post, along with the help of Kirsty (GD) and her fabulous intercepting. Martine(C) went for every ball she could and played like a true netball player. Also Pip (WD) picked up some brilliant lose balls. Zoe also came into GA and connected the shooting circle very well.

The final score was 14-38 to Newbarn it was a very tense game, they really gave us a run for our money!

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