Newton v Hawks 23/11/13

Paulton Tomahawks lost out in their match away on Saturday against Yeovil Newton in what was a fast paced game.

Tomahawks’ shooters, Davina and Darby, created intricate plays by using Sarah and Shelly to optimise the sisters’ shooting positions. Despite the fortitude of the opposition’s defence Davina and Darby were able follow up each other’s shots to consistently retrieve rebounds. The first quarter ended closely at 7-5 to Newton.

After assessing the play from the first quarter Tomahawks were resolute in aggressing to receive passes and stay focused; this was reflected by the centre-court players Laura (WD), Shelly (C) and Sarah (WA), who’s agility allowed them make interceptions and slow the opposition’s play. However Newton’s experienced shooters both showed impressive goal averages which meant Cheryl (GD) and Kirsty (GK) had to work hard to limit their mobility. The half-time whistle revealed the score of 20-14 to Newton.

The second half saw a mass change in team positions with Jade coming on to play as centre, Cheryl switching her mind-set from defending to assist Darby as shooter and Kirsty pushing up to GD to replace Cheryl and then Davina moving to face the opposition’s shooter, this gave formidable height advantage to prevent any more feeds into Newton’s attacking circle. The modifications seemed rejuvenate Tomahawks and rile the opposition so that the third quarter ended 27-23 to Newton.

Tomahawks kept the newly modified squad but brought Sarah back on as WD and started off the last quarter with some very impressive plays and long shooting but the score lines managed to creep away, finishing at 40-30 to Newton. The votes for player of the match go to Darby and players’ player(s) is split between Sarah and Kirsty.

Thank you to our spectators and to Jane for umpiring.

The team also wishes to congratulate and send our love to our captain, Victoria and her new-born baby girl.

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