Newton v Hawks 29/11/14

Paulton’s Tomahawks continued their impressive form last week convincingly beating Swans in the 2nd Round of the KO Cup for the second time this season.  The squad now face Newton in the quarter final in January, however when they meet them they will be hoping for the game to go in their favour having lost to them on Saturday 60 – 37.

The first quarter started nervously for both teams, who played some exceptionally fast netball littered with mistakes.  However as both teams settled the standard of play increased and so did the level of competition with Newton coming out hard against Tomahawks to finish the first quarter 14 – 6.

Not to be deterred and with the first of many rotations the team entered the 2nd half positively with Davina out at GD making use of her height to intercept a number of passes, forcing Newton’s attack to change their style of play.  This with Laura at WD also pressuring her WA enabled the team to make centre court turnovers which Jade and Sarah fed into shooters Darby and Cheryl.  Unfortunately despite the 2nd quarter being stronger for Tomahawks, Newton also had an impressive run scoring 20 goals to finish 34 – 15.

With one point to chase with a win out of sight the girls started the second half motivated and strong.  Accurate passing and running on to the ball ensured that the team kept control of the ball with Jade and Sarah making some great interceptions  and chasing down loose balls.  Victoria and Cheryl also linked up well in defence forcing Newton to make errors that Tomahawks converted into goals with sisters Darby and Davina.  The fast paced quarter proved to be the team’s strongest with them beating Newton 46 – 28.

Unfortunately despite Tomahawks getting themselves back into the fast paced game and reducing their errors Newton were able to pull away 60 – 37 with some amazing shots from both their unstoppable shooters.  Tomahawks may not have won but when they meet their cup rivals in January on an outdoor court they are hoping for a closer match, now knowing what to expect from the impressive team.

The team would like to thank Jane for umpiring and their spectators for cheering them on.  Players of the match were Sarah and Darby.

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