Paulton A v Vivary 07/01/12

Paulton A started the first quarter feeling positive and optimistic with heads held high and ready for a challenging match against Vivary who are sitting second in the Premership after Christmas . GK Charlotte, GD Victoria and WD Laura played on the defensive working well together to successfully intercept many balls heading for the Paulton goal.   WA Hayley and C Debbie moved the ball skilfully down the court, to Cheryl at GA and Davina GS to work the ball into the circle ready to shoot for Vivary’s goal.

Vivary’s shooters, were however on flying form and hit the target 90% of the time leaving Paulton fighting to catch up. The first quarter ended with an impressivly high score but unfortunately not in Paulton’s favour, 10-18.

The second quarter saw Paulton fight back, with Debbie at C and GK Charlotte making some great interceptions which were successfully passed on to Cheryl and Davina who monoevered well into the circle openings Vivary failed to cover evading their opponents to score some fantastic goals.  A change in defence saw Ness come on at WD with fresh legs and a positive attitude that lifted the team, allowing Pauton to pressurise Vivary’s attack.  The second quarter ended 17 – 31 to Vivary.

 The third quarter saw a change of tactic from Paulton to reinforce the defence against the barrage of goals coming from Vivary, Debbie came off with Hayley switching to C, Vanessa WA and Laura back on at WD.  The revised layout worked well with the team succeeding in scoring the most goals per quarter for the whole match. Moreover, GK Charlotte worked out the tactics of Vivary’s GS, allowing some excellent defending to halter the onslaught by Vivary enabling Paulton to close the gap.  The third quarter ended 29 – 47 to Vivary.

 The final quarter saw Jess come on at GS switching with Davina.  Debbie moving back to C with fresh legs, Hayley to WA and Ness to WD. The final rotation enabled Paulton to distract Vivary, allowing them to attack hard down all the channels giving Cheryl and Jess the space to work the circle to score some fantastic goals allowing Paulton to claw back some valuable points. The girls worked hard in the last quarter; they feeding the circle well, facilitating some excellent shots on goal, defending like soldiers but alas couldn’t quite pull back the goals needed to win the match.  The final score ended Paulton 40 – Vivary 60.

Thank you to all the supporters who enjoyed an excellent match on a lovely sunny day and to Jane for umpiring a very fast match.

 Player of the match voted by Vivary was Charlotte.

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