Paulton A Vs Quantock 20th February

With a home match against Quantock, supporters were strong which automatically boosted the spirit of our home game. Paulton had a quick start showing great team work with strong passes down the whole court leading to a steady lead for the first quarter, finishing a speedy half at 16-8 to Paulton.

The second quarter shown that Quantock was still eager to win with strong shooting but with on the ball defence and tactics from Ness and Victoria, paulton turned over many balls which lead to accurate passes into the circle from Hayley and Shelley which resulted the second quarter into a promising lead of 28-13.

With team rotation in the third quarter, the shooters had changed, yet the accuracy of shooting from Davina, Cheryl and Ness had not. With defence through out the court, centre court player Deb had many great interceptions, some of which she didn’t get away with! But with the 100% effort paulton displayed, this lead to paulton pushing ahead 40-20.

For the final quarter, Quantock was still fighting strong. Paulton playing with a excellent standard of fitness shown that even in the final quarter, they still had lots of energy jumping into many interceptions showing a solid team performance leading to a 52-26 victory.

Too add to a fantastic win and great team effort, team captain Hayley was given well deserved man of the match for her excellent feeding and defence down the court.

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