Paulton B v Ambers 01/10/11

As the heat intensified on Saturday Paulton Rovers B side took to the midday heat with confidence that they could gain another win.

With lots of support on the side the game started well with Paulton’s attack working well to move the ball around the attacking circle and into the net. Some great passing from Sarah into the shooters and fantastic movement from all attackers Paulton were able to pull ahead finishing the first quarter 13-4.

After a quick pep talk and a lot of water the side took to the scorching court determined to maintain their lead. Some great movement from Jade at C allowed Paulton to push the ball forward with great shooting from Darby and Kristie capitalising on Ambers mistakes finding the net repeatedly. Paulton were still ahead at half time 22-10.

The half time break allowed for a much needed cool down and allowed the Paulton side to regroup and come back on to the court with fighting spirit. Some great defensive turnovers by Liz and Shelley meant that Ambers struggled to get the ball into their GA. The Paulton centre court players worked well together bringing the ball up smoothly to the shooters who continued to find the target. The quarter ended 33-18.

The final quarter started slowly with all the players affected by the heat, however Paulton soon snapped back into form and continued to make fantastic interceptions. A defensive ploy by Kim and Shelley to switch players worked well to confuse the Ambers GS and GA who struggled to find the net with this added pressure. The game ended with a well deserved win for Paulton’s B Team 43-24.

Thanks to Ness for umpiring and to all the supporters for cheering so loudly!!

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