Paulton B v Garnets 07/01/12

For their first game back after the Christmas break Paulton B knew they had to maintain their high level of play, that they had have developed since the start of the season, if they are to remain in title contention. After watching the A team battle hard the B side took to the court determined to fight and play hard for a win.

 The first quarter started well with Paulton turning over multiple Garnet centres. Capitalising on some poor passing, quick interceptions by Shelley WD and Liz WA allowed the game to move at a comfortable pace with the ball swiftly tracking down court to the awaiting shooters. The quarter ended with Paulton comfortably in the lead 21-3.

The second quarter saw steady passing and movement from Paulton B, with Jade moving well all over the court getting free constantly and finishing with fantastic passes into the shooting circle. Andrea made many valuable interceptions at GK preventing her shooter from gaining any ground. Paulton remained in the lead at the whistle 41-6.

After a quick change Sarah was on at WA bringing fresh legs and strong passing, linking well with her attackers. Liz now at WD worked hard partnering well with Kim GD preventing the Garnets shooters from gaining ground and forcing mistakes from the Sydenham side.  The quarter ended 58-13.

The final quarter kicked off with Garnets out fighting however the experience and fitness of Paulton kept them at bay. Darby and Helen worked the ball well with set pieces coming together beautifully. They were confidently shooting with precision and this showed with an amazing final score of 84-19.

 Thanks to all the supporters and to Hayley and Victoria for umpiring

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