Paulton B v Mercury 05/03/11

For Paulton this was going to be an emotional game being the first game played after their coach Stu passed away. All players and supporters took part in a minutes silence before the starting whistle to remember Stu and his coaching words of wisdom. He will be sorely missed by all who he met and with this in mind Paulton B were determined to make him proud and get a win!

The game started well with quick turn overs and great passing from centre court up to the shooters circle. Liz and Jade worked well feeding the ball into the Paulton shooters who were once again on fire. The Mercury defence struggled against the well gelled attack. The quarter ended 18-6.

After a quick pep talk from the supporters Paulton took to the court confident that they could maintain their lead. With some great interceptions by Laura at GK the Mercury shooters found it hard to find the net. Thanks to Laura’s interceptions the ball was quickly sent back up court by Shelley and Kim to the waiting shooters. Paulton maintained a comfortable lead 38-13

Mercury came out fighting in the 3rd quarter wanting to pull back some goals. However Paulton were ready for them and once again continued to work well as a team. Side line set pieces worked well to send the ball straight into Darby and Kristie in the shooting circle, both ladies were on target and quickly had the score increasing. Paulton finished the quarter 48-20.

The final quarter once again saw the young mercury team come out all guns blazing using their fitness to their advantage, however with the injection of Zoe at WD Paulton maintained their pace and continued to work well. Passing and moving well onto the ball allowing the game to become a match that Stu would have loved to watch. Paulton won the game with a score of 61-27 their best of the season!

Thank you to all the supporters who braved the chill to cheer us on!

Player of the match: Kristie (GS)

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