Paulton B v Queensway 29/10/11

After a string of wins Paulton B Team took to the court knowing this would be their toughest match yet. Queensway were relegated from the second division last season and are determined to go straight back up. Determined not to give them an easy ride Paulton came out all guns blazing.

The first quarter started well with good movement of the ball through centre court by Liz and Jade. For these first 15minutes the score was goal for goal with both teams making good interceptions. Queensway were a little ahead at the close of the quarter 7-9.

The second quarter had a shaky start for the young Paulton side. A few basic mistakes allowed Queensway to capitalise and find the target. Andrea battled hard at GK making key interceptions to keep Paulton in the game. Helen and Darby worked the ball well finding the net time and again. It wasn’t enough as the Queensway side started to find their stride 16-22.

After a rotation with Sarah coming on at C to give Paulton some fresh legs. Shelley and Kim worked well together in the defensive circle. Pressuring the Queensway shooters, the ball was turned over and sent back up the court resulting in Queensways worst quarter. 22-32.

The final quarter was an incredibly shaky one for Paulton as the ball struggled to find the net. The defence worked hard and the attack worked the ball well with some fantastic passing into the shooters, however Queensways defence worked hard. They pressured the Paulton shooters with the score doing little to show just how well the B side fought 22-44.

Paulton will keep their heads high in the knowledge that we’ll get them next time!

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