Paulton B v Reckleford 05/05/12

Paulton B sides last game of the season was played at home with a big supportive home crowd ready for promotion. The first quarter saw some very acurate long shots from the young Reckleford side however Paulton finished ahead at 16 goals to 10.

The second quarter saw the more experience Paulton team pull ahead with steady midcourt play from Jade, Sarah and Liz ensured many turnovers of play and with the acurate shooting from Helen and Darby saw Paulton take a 29-16 lead.

Fantastic defending from Kim and Kristie saw that in the third quarter Reckleford only scored 5 goals ending 45-21.

After a quick change around in defence Reckleford battled back but were unable to gain momentum with the game finishing 56-29,

Paulton B would like to thank all the supporters and hope to have a successful season in divison 2!

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