Paulton B2N v Young Farmers Netball

Paulton Rovers’ third team took to the court for the first time this season to play a friendly against YFC from Farrington.  The team consisted of the summer’s Back to Netballers and U16s who all quickly gelled together to showcase a great team performance.

The first quarter started evenly for both teams as nerves settled and the match began to flow.  Helen, GK and Katrina, GD worked hard to turn over YFC’s attackers, intercepting balls into the circle and collecting rebounds cleanly for Kelly and Jade to feed the ball up the court to Zoe GA and Lucie GS.  As the first quarter counted down Paulton’s confidence grew edging them ahead 5 – 2.

After a positive team talk the team took the second quarter looking to build on their success.  Accurate passing and movement across the court from all players ensured that the team remained in possession to lead 10 – 3 at half time.  With spirits high the team rotated with Jade moving to WA, Sophie to C, Zoe to GS and Luice to GA.   Not only did Paulton rotate positions but also YFC, who came out fighting in the second half to test the defence scoring 4 goals while also pressuring Paulton’s passing.  However, Sophie controlled the centre court well driving the attack forward with Jade to encouraging the team’s young shooters to score 9 goals winning the quarter 19 – 7.

As the final quarter came into play the team remained disciplined showing how as individuals they have developed and also as a team since training began in September.  Their passing was strong and accurate, their attacking off the ball dynamic and direct while their defending body positioning ensured that they were able to make valuable interceptions.  With their new found match confidence the team were able to pull away from YFC to win 25 – 10.

Paulton would like to thank YFC for arranging the friendly fixture and to all of the supporters from both teams that came to watch.  Paulton’s player of the match voted by YFC was Sophie.

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