Paulton Spears v Newbarn 29/09/12

The newly formed Spears side 3rd game started off strong with confident shooting from Megan and Zoe and fantastic defending from Katrina and Kirsty so by the end of the first quarter saw Spears leading 9-4. The next two quarters saw central court rotations from the spears side, lots of great movement and direct passes and you could clearly see the new team’s hard work in training now coming into practise. However as good as the first two quarters went Newbarn started to find form in the 3rd quarter and in the final quarter really came into their own with some good shooting winning 33-24. Spears still very determined when out fighting for the final quarter but the newbarns match experience was too much for the spears to contend with. Still a great match and an amazing effort from Spears against Newbarn. Player of the match was Ruby and players player was joint, Ruby and Zoe.

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