Paulton Vipers v Queensway 29/09/12

Vipers fully expected a battle this Saturday against their rivals for promotion from last season Queensway. Determined to play good netball they started the game well, with strong defending preventing Queensway from hitting the target. Quick turn overs meant the ball was sent to the awaiting Vipers attack. Paulton closed the quarter ahead 13-9.

The second quarter started after a signature rotation of players with Paulton once again pushing hard to force mistakes from the Queensway ladies. Despite this Queensway kept battling the ball going from end to end with neither side able to really push ahead. The first half closed 21-19 to Vipers.

Another rotation from Paulton once again saw a strong defensive team turning the ball over. Queensway’s defense pushed hard and made valuable interceptions preventing Vipers from capitalising on any attacking moves. Queensway edged ahead for the first time in the game 28-30.

The final quarter was tense with Paulton faltering slightly under the pressure allowing Queensway to nudge ahead. They kept the pressure on Vipers who kept going but just couldn’t get the win. The game ended with a Queensway win 39-45. 

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