Purnell v Spears 12/10/13

A strong start from Paulton Spears in a rare indoor match against Purnell led to a score of 8-7 at the end of the first quarter thanks to some great defence from Becky and Amy in the circle. Both teams came out strong in the second quarter and despite Spears efforts the score was still close with Purnell edging ahead by just two goals. Swaps from the starting seven saw Ruby excel at centre and Hayley settle well into wing attack as they linked the midcourt into attack during the third quarter. Kelly switched to goal defence putting pressure on Purnells shooters but they were still ahead with the score standing at 22-29. Spears came back fighting  in the final quarter with some fantastic play into the attacking circle but despite some great long range shooting from Pip and Meg, time was against Spears as the final whistle blew with a final score of 33-41. Thank you to the umpires and spectators.

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