Purnells v Paulton Spears 08/10/12

The first match of the season for our newest team Spears was against Purnells. The sunny Saturday afternoon match started tense and confident at the Spears end with very strong defence with Katrina and Kirsty in at GD and GK, keeping Purnells score at 3. Lots of fast action in the opposite end with Kristie in at shoot and Zoe GA. Central attackers Shelly and Martine helped keep the score of 5 in the end quarter.

Second quarter started again very strong with Milly coming in at GA doing extremely well to keep possession of the ball for Spears half, Shelley coming in at WD kept Purnells WA back and her strong presence showed through out the match. Martine in WA for Spears kept attacking strongly feeding Zoe great passes for chances to score. Hayley at C keeping fast acurate play in the central third helped Spears lead by 4 with it ending 10-6.
After plenty of fluid and oranges Spears came back fighting, Kristie in at GA to help in the circle and Ruby coming in at WA to help in the centre doing a great job, she lead the ball up into the circle many of times letting Zoe shoot perfectly. At the other end Kirsty and Katrina were working in sync defending amazingly and preventing Purnells shooters to score with their long arms and great re-bounds. Keeping a close lead Spears were winning by 3.
Final quarter began and Kelly took over central defence with her fast passing in at WD, with attackers Ruby and Milly helping guide the ball up to Zoe to score. Spears defence was strong the whole way through preventing Purnells to score. Shelley’s fast skill in C helped her become Player of the match at the end. The score being 25-16 to Spears.

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