Queensway v Paulton B 14/01/12

A chilly but bright start to Saturday did little to calm the nerves of Paulton B who knew this was to be a vital game in their quest to gain promotion as champions. Queensway have proven to be tremendous opponents in previous encounters so Paulton knew they would have to battle hard.

The game started well with the ball moving quickly from one end to another with no clear signs that either team would storm ahead. Interceptions by Andrea at GK and Liz at WD meant Queensway struggled to get the ball to their confident shooters. However Queensway slowly picked up momentum taking the ball directly back to their attackers after interceptions from their GK. Despite this Paulton remained determined to stay in the game with Jade and Sarah getting some great turn overs and passing well into the shooting circle. End of the quarter score 11-6.

A rotation in defence saw Laura on at GD with Kim moving back to GK. Paulton continued to fight for every ball covering their players well. Passes were intercepted by both teams with everyone wanting to make their mark on the game. Helen and Darby worked hard in attack, fighting against strong opposition. The ball moved well around the attacking circle with constant movement allowing free passing. Paulton remained in high spirits with the half time score at 26-12.

The third quarter started quietly for Paulton with Queensway taking advantage of a few rushed passes. However Paulton’s centre court players played hard and fast netball, working the ball well and chasing down every pass. Frustratingly Queensway were working at 100% as well and the gulf between the scores crept ever wider ending the penultimate quarter 43-20.

The final rotation saw the defence rotate once more to keep Queensway on their toes, however frustration was setting in for Paulton as they continuously looked for a way to keep in the game. Great passing from Shelley kept them in the game with all players moving well and freeing themselves from their defenders. Once again the attack had to encounter tough defending from the experienced GK who proved to be a pivotal player. The game ended with a score that didn’t reflect the level of play by Paulton B B. Despite the score line Paulton left the court with their heads high and proud of the level of play they displayed. Paulton B are still on course for promotion if they continue to play the level of netball displayed at Taunton Vale. Thanks to the supporters for cheering us on in the cold!

Paulton Rovers Netball Club are always looking for new players to join, regardless of experience of the game. If you are looking to get fit whilst having some fun then please get in touch [email protected] or call Victoria on 07735507963/01761471448

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