Reckleford v Spears 10/11/12

Spears travelled to Yeovil to face Reckleford in a middle of the table clash with Spheres missing a couple of key players.

With a nip and tuck first quarter Reckleford came out on top leading at the break 8-6.

After the break PaultonĀ  Spears made a couple of changes to try and strengthen their defence. Mistakes were made by both sides but Reckleford seemed to capitalise on Spears mistakes. Spears fought hard but Reckleford took a 15-9 lead.

Going into the third quarter Spheres tried to mix up their forward attacking option but Reckleford stayed firm in defence to limit Spears opportunities to shoot. Reckleford took advantage of Spears mistakes and increased the lead further 21-10.

Spears went out a lot more positive in the last quarter but some outstanding shooting from Reckleford saw the result 31-17 giving Spears a well valued point in the league.

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