Robins v Paulton Vipers 15/09/12

Paulton Vipers travelled to Bruton for their first game in division 2. The ladies expected a tough game but were prepared to go all out to win despite the surprising heat.

The first quarter started well with a multiple turn overs  in centre court from Liz and Shelley followed by sharp shooting resulting in a lead of 10 – 14 to Vipers. The squad continued on last seasons success with rotations to shake up the defence for the second quarter, this worked well with Kristie making great interceptions pushing the Robins attack hard.  Some fantastic passing into the shooters circle by Sarah meant Vipers remained in the lead at the close of the quarter19-26.

The second half started strong for Paulton with another rotation. Once again this proved successful for the team with strong defending from Andrea preventing Robins from attacking successfully. The quarter ended 27-39.

A final rotation saw Kim back in defence  teaming well with Kristie to close down any opportunities Robins had, the ball was swiftly sent to awaiting Vipers shooters who hit the target time and again. Darby teamed well with Davina with both moving well and shaking off their defenders to bring the game to a successful end for Vipers 35-57.

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