Sharks v Hawks 27/09/14

Tomahawks gained a win away playing against Sharks in an impressive game away at Yeovil on Saturday.

With both teams’ shooters being consistently on target Saturday’s score line was heavily dependent on excellent dominance in the mid to centre court from Tomahawks.

The match started out fairly even in the first quarter with Tomahawks’ assertiveness growing after successfully debuting Davina in her rotation as GD and Victoria moving up the court to WD. ‘Hawks pulled away in the second quarter with valued  support from spectators that encouraged a composed and focused demeanour in the team.  With the defence (Darby-WD, Victoria –GD and Kirsty-GK) forcing errors on the opposition and the shooters (Cheryl and Davina) capitalising on the turnovers half time ended 19-24 to ‘Hawks.

The second half of the game saw some phenomenal turnovers with ‘Hawks closing down on multiple centre passes and the centre court players, Sarah and Jade, dominating their territories meaning ‘Hawks won 4 consecutive turnovers contributing to their 13 goal lead as the third quarter ended 25-38.

Both teams battled hard into the last minutes of the game but Tomahawks guarded their lead as the game ended 37-45.

Congratulations to Davina, who was awarded ‘Player of the Match’ and ‘Players’ Player’ and thank you to the spectators and umpires for an enjoyable game.

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