Spears v Barons 06/04/13

With the sun shining at Glastonbury on Saturday Spears took the court with great enthusiasum. As the whistle blew to start the game, the opposing team; Barons were one player short. Although this can sometimes be an advantage to the smaller team Spears took hold of the advantage with a 16-2 lead. The seventh player joined Barons at the end of the first quarter starting the seco0nd quarter with a full team. Hayley and Milly swapped positions centre court to keep the speed going with spears scoring 10 goals and barons scoring 8. After half time Milly came back to help the defence with her speed, by switching with Katrina during play, this worked effectively whilst katrina helped defend with Kirsty against a very tall shooter. The quarter finished with the same progress as before 10 goals to Spears and 8 goals to Barons.
With the team going back on court for the last quarter with old injuries showing, they went back to their starting positions  and coragiously held the game with an amazing 44-27 final score.

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