Spears v Barons 27/10/12

Paulton Spears gained another win at home playing against Tor Barons in a very close game on Saturday.

Spears were lucky to play on a beautiful yet bitterly cold day, with windy conditions making short passing more preferable and presenting even more of a challenge for the shooters, Megan (GS) and Millie (GA), who performed brilliantly. Ruby (WA) and Shelly (C) worked hard to penetrate Barons’ experienced defence resulting in Spears leading the first quarter by a few goals.

The second quarter saw Hayley switch in to the centre position and some great interceptions taking place. There were numerous turnovers by the defence, Kelly (WD) Katrina (GD) and Kirsty (GK), who faced quick opponents.  Barons and Spears both played well keeping the scores very close.

Shelly was back to take the centre at the start of the second half as Hayley was pushed up to wing attack. Katrina and Kirsty also swapped positions, maintaining a height advantage in the defensive ‘D’.  Efficient offensive movement and some more excellent shooting saw Spears hold their ground, winning the third quarter 15-13.

Spears dealt well with the pace of the game into the final quarter, where they were able to stay ahead and secure a win of 20-16. Well done to Kelly, who was voted players’ player. Spears would like to thank the umpires for their time and the spectators for their encouraging support.

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