Spears v Blackdown 28/09/13

In their second game of the season, Spears annihilated Blackdown with a 53-11 win.

After a top performance last week, Spears proved they were on top form again, allowing Blackdown to score only 2 goals in 2 quarters, 3 in one quarter and 4 in the second. Spears’ team consisted of Becky at GK, Amy at GD, Kelly at WD, Hayley at C, Ruby at WA, Milly at GA and Meg at GS, with a rotation of Pip at GS in the third quarter and Meg at GA in the fourth. But the rotation didn’t effect the team performance at all, as Spears were still popping in goal after goal. With great defending and brilliant interceptions from Becky, Amy and Kelly, it allowed Hayley and Ruby to bring the ball to the attacking end, for Milly and Meg to score some great goals. As Pip came on as a shooter, her GK proved no match for her shooting abilities as she shot some great goals too. Overall a brilliant team performance from Spears and bad luck for Blackdown. Thanks to the umpires and spectators.

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