Spears v Garnets 13/10/12

Paulton’s Spears were given a massive confidence boost after a successful win against Garnets.

Spears started the first quarter strongly, with Shelley and Millie working the ball well between them to get to the shooters who put the ball into the net with ease. At the other end of the court, Kirsty and Helen used their height as an advantage to intercept the ball and prevent the shooters from shooting. The score at the end of the quarter was a comfortable lead of 16 – 4.

The second quarter was underway; Spears started to relax and were working well as a team with a lot of movement and great communication between one another. Kirsty, Helen and Kelly linked well as a defensive team, soon turning over the ball as it entered their half of the court making it hard for Garnets to get the ball into the shooting circle. Shooters Meg and Zoe were still successful with their shooting, ending the quarter leading 28-9.

Garnets’ efforts started to decrease as they struggled to keep up with the pace of the game. Again Millie and Shelly were able to get the ball from the middle third straight down to the end third where Meg and Zoe were making fantastic movements within the shooting D to move into space to receive strong passes. Spears defence were still doing a great job at preventing Garnets shooters from being successful with their shots and Kelly made some fantastic interceptions and soon got the ball down to the shooters. The score had widened even more at this quarter with Spears leading 40 – 14.

The final quarter and Spears brought Pip on at WD. Pip read her opponents movement well and stuck with her and make some great interceptions, Pip was able to get the ball down to Millie and Shelly who got the ball into the shooing circle, where Meg and Zoe passed the ball between each other to a successful shooting position and therefore yet more goals were scored, the final score was 45 – 21. 

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