Spears v Garnets 26/10/13

A brilliant win for spears on Saturday, the first quarter went off to a fantastic start with Spears coming out fighting. Jade (WA) and Hayley (C) doing some lovely mid-court play feeding into Meg (GS) and Milly (GA) meaning they could pop in the shots to leave the score at 17 – 1.
After the break spears came on once again fighting strong and with a few changes and with some un-breakable defensive play between Becky (GK) & Amy (GD). The balls were getting steadily passed down the court through Kelly (WD) and Jade (C) which meant that in this quarter the score got raised to 32 – 3
Going into the third quarter Gemma came on at WD and spears still playing strong and the ball flowing well managed to stay in the lead with a score of 44-6.
Despite Garnets fighting spirit, Spears kept up the pace and thanks to some excellent game making from all the team this paid off with another 18 goals in the fourth and final quarter making the final score 62-8 to Spears.  Well done to Milly and Jade who was very deservedly voted Players Player and thanks to the Umpires for their hard work and Spectators for their support.

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