Spears v Mars 06/12/14

A neck and neck game for spears on Saturday, the first quarter went off to a fantastic start with Spears getting 8 goals. Ruby (C) and Milly (WA) doing some lovely mid-court play feeding into Meg (GS) and Zoe (GA) leaving the score as 8-7.

In the second quarter Spears came on once again fighting strong, with some un-breakable defensive play between Kelly (GD) & Amy (GK). The balls were getting steadily passed down the court through Liz (WD) and Ruby (C) despite Spear’s high power defence Mars managed to get one ahead.

In the third quarter both teams came out tough and the game went end to end with both teams raising their scores to 20-24. There was some brilliant centre court action by Liz C Ruby WD Milly WA.

In the final quarter both teams came out fighting and keeping up the pace. Thanks to some excellent game making from all the team, Spears managed to bring it up to a close score against Mars of 28-29 to Mars.

Well done to Amy and Kelly who were very deservedly voted joint players player and thanks to the Umpires for their hard work and Spectators for their support.

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